How to become a Google Bot?

Posted by Sharan R On 12:52 AM

You can become the famous google bot and surf the web unknown .. sneaking into private website.. although you can't access forum areas that are hidden or secret..

*note: This only works for Mozilla!

Here's how you do it~

Download the Add-on called "User Agent Switcher"

Next Install and restart you browser i.e Firefox

Next go to Tools>>User agent switcher>> options>>options

Next click the user agent(below general on left side) and click add
type description as "Google Bot"
then user agent as "Googlebot/2.1+(+"
and application name again as Google bot
version as 2.1
leave the rest rows blank

click ok twice

and again go to tools >> user agent swithcher >> and click on google bot !

Your good to go dude


  1. jamilkhan Said,

    when I restart mozilla, the user agent automatically change to default. I mean to browser default.
    what should I do with this problem?
    Plz help......

    Posted on January 10, 2012 at 1:36 AM

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